Personalized intent recognition that learns from context, behavior and speech, in any language learns frequent phrases from an individual or a family, to power personalized, noise-robust voice UIs for command and control environments.


Our patented technology goes back to how children learn to talk, through examples in context rather than through text. This gives our speech recognition engine the flexibility to understand natural phrases reliably across languages, accents, and noise environments, whether that be a smart home, connected car, wearable or virtual reality headset.


Fluent learns in all accents and languages, including those that have no associated text corpora. It also lets people switch languages or combine several in the same sentence.

Reliable and noise-robust

Learning from users in their specific acoustic environments allows Fluent to achieve 95-100% accuracy across a variety of noise conditions, after only a few example phrases.


People should not have to learn hard-coded phrases from user manuals. We allow each user in a home or car to speak naturally and create fun voice shortcuts on the fly, without textual input.


Fluent works offline, sidestepping connectivity and privacy issues. It has a small footprint suitable for embedded systems. The cloud is accessed for updates or to recognize infrequent phrases.


Speech recognition’s rank in complaints from new car owners in the US


major languages each spoken by more than 70 M people (vs. 17 languages supported by Siri)

2.1 Bn

people native in a language not in the top 38

Meet the Team

Vikrant Tomar

Vikrant Tomar

Founder & Tech Lead
Sarah Langelier

Sarah Langelier

Business Development
Sam Myer

Sam Myer

Software Developer

Scientist with 7 years of speech recognition research experience. Formerly at Nuance. PhD in speech recognition from McGill University.

Formerly a deal manager at KPMG and strategy consultant at SECOR and Deloitte.

Developer formerly at RG/A and Zoobe. MSc in music signal processing from Queen Mary University of London.


Helge Seetzen

Helge Seetzen

CEO, TandemLaunch Inc.
Hugo Van Hamme

Hugo Van Hamme

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
Florian Metze

Florian Metze

Carnegie Mellon University
Björn W. Schuller

Björn W. Schuller

University of Passau
Gerald Penn

Gerald Penn

University of Toronto


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CES 2016

CES_Social.001Meet the team at CES 2016 from Jan 6th to 9th in Las Vegas! We will be showcasing our smart home and smart car demos.

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