Personalized intent recognition that learns from context, behavior and speech, in any language

Building personalized and noise-robust voice user interfaces


Fluent offers OEMs and user interface designers a speech interface solution for their products and services. Fluent’s patented approach sidesteps the need to convert speech to text and instead learns to understand the meaning of audible speech — in any language or accent. The result is highly flexible, accessible and accurate voice interface that performs robustly even in offline and noisy environments.


Speech recognition that works in most languages and accents, allowing users to use their natural speech.

Reliable and noise-robust

High accuracy even in high noise scenarios.


Ability to learn phrases preferred by the end-user.


Offline, on-device speech recognition


Speech recognition’s rank in complaints from new car owners in the US


major languages each spoken by more than 70 M people (vs. 17 languages supported by Siri)

2.1 Bn

people native in a language not in the top 38

Key contacts at Fluent:

Niraj Bhargava

Niraj Bhargava


Serial entrepreneur and executive. Previous experience include CEO roles at Energate and Enerstat and Director (Global Marketing and Sales) at GE Aircraft Engines.

Vikrant Tomar

Vikrant Tomar

Founder & CTO

Scientist with 7 years of speech recognition research experience. Formerly at Nuance. PhD in speech recognition from McGill University.


Our Montreal-based team is growing quickly.


December 8, 2017

Tech Blog Writer Podcast: The Canadian startup setting a new standard for voice recognition CEO Niraj Bhargava discusses how uses personalized intent recognition that learns from context, behaviour, and speech in any language with podcaster and blogger Neil Hughes.

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September 26, 2017

World’s first AI acoustic voice interface excels where conventional speech recognition falls short

June 28, 2017 announces the nomination of ai entrepreneur and former Amazon voice tech executive William Tunstall-Pedoe to its advisory board

May 11, 2017 raises CA$1.8 million in seed financing to accelerate commercialization of its AI voice interface technology